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No Man’s Sky new update overhauls planet graphics

No Man Sky, the famous planet hopping, base building, alien creature discovery game has now received a huge new update named NEXT, which has been in development for more than a year. The update is quite ground breaking as can be understood from its title, and the size of the update also speaks volumes about the sheer number of aspects in the game that has received an overhaul or has been completely changed. 

The game has received a graphics overhaul which is the most noticeable change in the whole game, with planets looking more like a living and lived in places, with more varied terrain and towering mountains. The animals are still as quirky and unusual as ever, as can be expected from No Man’s Sky.

The animals have better animations, better AI, and more varied sounds and reactions, making the game more realistic.

There is now an underwater base building option, more than one base, a terraforming option, which become available early on in the game.

There will also be a new galaxy map website which will give you a larger view of the galaxy that you are taking part in and exploring.


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