No Emperor in Star Wars Battlefront II anymore

Emperor Palpatine is the arch enemy of Start Wars Battlefront II, and he comes back with a vengeance, with lightning shots so powerful that they can penetrate walls and hit you hard…except he’s not. Not anymore. After a new update resulted in mistakenly re-introducing Palpatine’s glitchy ability of shooting lighting ignoring any barrier, EA decided to get rid of the wicked emperor for good, deleting him from the game. Good news for the Jedi order, bad news for Palpatine fans. While we don’t know when he will be back and even whether he will be brought back into the game at all, it is no doubt the emperor became a fan favourite for some of the fan base of the Battlefront games, given how glitchy and overpowered his new ability was.

So, the Empire has no emperor, at least for now. In the meantime, players are still able to play as their other favorite characters, such as legendary Jedi Luke Skywalker, or even Obi Wan Kenobi.

However, recently EA Dice made a further update, clarifying when the emperor can make a comeback. According to Community Manager Walke, ‘We plan to execute our Kill Switch (KS) for him. This means he will be removed from the game. He will be disabled until a hotfix can be deployed. We don’t take this decision lightly, but we feel it is in the best interest for everyone until a fix can be deployed.’ Sothere’s still hope for the Emperor…to strike back, once again.


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