Nintendo Switch Online will soon receive Zelda II

Zelda II: Adventure of Link will be available on the Nintendo Switch’s online service in the coming days. Along with Blaster Master, Zelda II will be one of the two NES games that Nintendo adds to their online library each month.

Zelda II: Adventure of Link follows the adventures of Link in his search for Zelda, with a plot similar to other Zelda games. Nintendo Switch Online already had the first Zelda game available. With Zelda II, the number of Zelda games available on the Switch will be three, including the latest critically acclaimed Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the latest game in the Zelda franchise, exclusive to the Nintendo platforms of Wii U and Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch Online kickstarted in September 2018, and has since been offering online multiplayer functionality for Switch users. Along with the multiplayer, Nintendo Switch Online also has a library of NES games that subscribers have full access to. The service started with 11 NES games, with two more added each month.

Currently, other notable games include Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Bros 3. Although there are rumours that Nintendo might add SNES games to their online library in the future, Nintendo did not make any promises apart from adding monthly NES games to the collection.


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