Miyazaki shares some of his art’s secrets in an exclusive interview

Hayao Miyazaki, master of Japanese anime, shared some of his animation secrets in an interview.
Miyazaki, considered to be one of the best animation film makers in history, gave important details about his work. He first talks about his seminal animation, Spirited Away: “The very first screening of ‘Spirited Away’ outside of Japan was at the Pixar animation studios, and I was stunned at how amazing this film was. North America hasn’t had a chance to discover Miyazaki’s films. In the animated community he’s a hero, like he is to me.”
When asked about his previous statement that he was going to retire, he said:  “I wanted to retire, but life isn’t that easy. I wanted to make a movie especially for the daughters of my friends. I opened all the drawers in my head they were all empty. So I realized I had to make a movie just for 10 year olds, and ‘Spirited Away’ is my answer.”
Miyazaki also commented about his preference for 2-D over 3-D in animation. He stated: “We take cell animation and digitize it in order to enrich the visual look, but everything starts with the human hand drawing. And the colour standard is dictated by the background. We don’t make up a colour on the computer. Without creating those rigid standards we’ll just be caught up in the whirlpool of computerization.”


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