Mario Maker Tournament

Speedruns demonstrate precision as a result of hundreds and hundreds hours of repetition and memorisation. Speedrunners CarlSagan42, GrandPooBear, and Jaku competed against Failstream, Cliffy, and Glitchcat7 in a race throughout nine custom made Super Mario Maker levels. All the runners were playing blind, that is, they didn’t know the levels before the tournament. And they only had six minutes before finishing each stage. 
“It’s a different display of skill,” Kasumi Yogi commented, communications director of Games Done Quick. “As opposed to showing off hours and hours of hard work memorising all the tricks… we’re showing off their pure skill and ability to react,” he added.CarlSagan42 in his comment to Kotaku, added that “it’s definitely a little bit easier in the sense that you don’t have to over-prepare for it, because how much can you really do for a blind race?”
Glitchcat7  said, commenting on the challenging aspects, “It’s testing your ability to learn. Memorise something and repeat it, that’s one skill, and then learn and evolve, that’s another.”
“We go into it knowing we’re going to die,” said Failstream.
According to CarlSagan42, “the Mario Maker community loves seeing us die anyway.” Each level of this challenge of Mario Maker were different and bizarre. There was a stage with a ghost house, another involving a puzzle room, one with Bowser castles. This meant that the teams had to change their play styles when moving from one stage to the other. 


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