Mafia 3 Opening was cut before Release

Mafia 3’ had a much more bombastic opening section in the beginning, before it was cut, according to the game developers. The game’s opening, which included a scene where a cop was killed by the main player, was cut and even deleted from the servers, to avoid it being found out.

Mafia 3 director Haden Blackman and executive producer Andrew Wilson discussed the scene in more detail. The scene involves Lincoln and his friends attacked by the mob and this gave meaning as to why he went off to Vietnam. However, the developers thought that the scene did not gel with the rest of the game’s themes, so the developers decided to leave it out.

Mafia 3’s has scenes where the main character is sent to deal with a Ku Klux Klan leader, where the player hears several examples of racism. The plot follows Lincoln as he goes after the Italian Mafia after Sal Marcano and his men betray and destroy the Black mob in New Bordeaux. The game takes place four years after the Civil Rights Act in 1968, and a lot of songs from that era can be listened to through car radios. In the final form of the game, the game starts with a documentary style showing Lincoln coming back from Vietnam and meeting his old friends and adoptive father Sammy. According to the game developers, it is no longer possible to have sneak peek of the cut content, as the ‘whole cold-open has been burned from our servers’, as Andrew Wilson said in an interview published on Eurogamer’s website.

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