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Low Roar’s Songs Being Released on Vinyl for Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions are placing a big emphasis on the soundtrack of their highly anticipated game, Death Stranding, with each new trailer showcasing a different song from world famous music groups. While the game debuted for the first time its gameplay at this year’s E3, fans of Kojima-san were treated to a new song, Asylum for the Feeling, which played during the latest E3 trailer of the game. Previously, Kojima Productions had released a 12-inch single featuring the music of Death Stranding from Icelandic band Low Roar.
Low Roar’s songs ‘I’ll Keep Coming’ and ‘Easy Way Out’ were released on vinyl, thanks to a collaboration between the band, Kojima Productions, PlayStation and Mondo. The 12-inch single will be pressed on 180 gram clear vinyl with ‘heavy black splatter.’ The single has been available since February 2016 for purchase and costs $15.
Kojima debuted a new trailer for Death Stranding at this year’s E3, featuring two female characters for the first time. The trailer revealed gameplay elements and new landscapes where playable character treks through moss-covered hills and crosses rivers. At PlayStation Experience 2016, Kojima had shown the audience an alternate cut of the first trailer which featured Low Roar’s “Easy Way Out,” showing his attention to music in his games. He said that seeing the trailer again with Low Roar’s song helps to see the trailer in a new light.


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