Japan lays out rule for flying cars

Japan is about to lay out the rules for a new generation of flying cars., Yoshihide Suga, the chief cabinet secretary, said the government is looking forward to “urge new players to join” the field, according to Kyodo News. The council to discuss the decisions will meet by the end of the year. Ryutaro Mori, the business director of a flying car project said,“The world is increasingly urbanised and city traffic is getting worse and worse, with roads too expensive to build and maintain. In addition, a lack of road infrastructure has become a bottleneck for the economic development of developing nations.” Mori also added that “Flying cars will be one viable solution to these transportation and economic issues, getting people from point A to point B faster”. According to Mori, “If we can solve problems like noise, safety and accessibility, we believe people will accept the social benefits.”
Cartivator, a firm working on flying cars, has been planning to launch their first flying car by the summer of 2020, and Mori hopes that one of their flying car models an be used to light the Olympic flame in Tokyo. 


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