Iraqi Elections Crisis

Elections were held in Iraq on 12 May 2018, first elections after ISIS and for the first time the country uses an electronic voting system. However, distrust in the new method and fears of electoral fraud are causing risks if civil war in the country. 

A month after the elections, demonstrations are still going strong in Iraq. As a result, the government made a surprise move and decided to revert to the old system of casting votes at the ballot box. This is the first time elections were cancelled in Iraq amidst claims of fraud. 

Moqtada al-Sadr and the Sairun coalition with the Iraqi Communist Party won the elections with 54 MPs, while the Hashdi Shabi Forces secured 47 chairs. Hashdi Shabi entered the elections although they are part of the Iraqi army and are paid by the state. The results came as a shock to Turkmens, who were hoping to secure 12 chairs in the parliament. On the other hand, The Dawla al Qanun coalition lead by Nuri al Maliki saw their numbers drop from 91 to 25.It is feared that the continuing unrest in the country after the elections might result in further divisions and civil unrest in Iraq. 


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