Instagram users shocked finding out their questions aren’t anonymous

Many users on Instagram have unwittingly used the new questions feature to ask private questions that they thought were anonymous. When it became clear that usernames are visible along with the questions, many instragramers began warning one another about the new feature.

The new question update allows users to post questions as part of your Stories tab, where followers are allowed to answer said questions.

When their embarrassing questions saw the light of day, some users even began to consider deleting their accounts. In some other cases, the questions led to hilarious responses and reaction.

Some users used twitter to share their shock and embarrassment. One user tweeted: ‘Tell me why ithought the instagram “ask me a question” was anonymous and here i am asking people why they are ugly……’

Another posted, ‘So apparently when you ask people questions on Instagram it’s not anonymous x’. One twitter user shared that some users posted ‘bold questions’: ‘I’m loling @ the “ask me a question” feature on instagram bc people have been hella bold with what they’re saying/asking me because they think their questions are anonymous lmao’.

Finally, one user warned others who still haven’t used the feature: ‘The instagram ask thing is NOT anonymous lol. Don’t fall in the trap.’


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