Fraudsters target famous CEO in Turkey

Fraudsters caught in the act while demanding money from a well known CEO in Turkey for protection from an alleged operation on the company.

Halil K., Hüseyin K., Mehmet S. ve Murat G were arrested after being caught during their fraud attempt. A prison sentence is being sought for them for ‘claiming to be connected to public officials and fraud with the promise of having something done’ and ‘blackmailing’.

Halil K, one of the four suspects, called Sami Cakir through his cell phone at 21.32 pm. Introducing himself as a high level public official, he claimed that there would be an operation on him at the national and international levels soon, and that all the possessions of Suzer Group’s honorary president Mustafa Suzer would be seized, along with all the companies linked to Suzer Group. He also claimed that the complaitant and Mustafa Suzer would be both arrested, and requested to meet Mustafa Suzer by 12 pm next day. Sami Cakir rejected the request for a meeting. Upon this, the suspect kept calling the next day, and Cakir issued a criminal complaint.

After repeatedly requesting an appointment, Cakir accepted to meet the suspect Halil K. at Suzer Plaza. During the meeting, the suspect introduced himself as a high level state official , claimed that he was connected to the national intelligence agency.

 He again claimed that all the properties of Suzer Group would be seized with an operation that would link them to FETO, and even claimed that the operation was going to take place on the Friday before their meeting but it was cancelled.

The man then argued that they can be negotiators and could work with the company as consultants and can only help if the company paid them 10 million euros.

The suspects will be brought before a judge in the coming days at the Istanbul Criminal Court.


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