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Fortnite Season 5 Now Live

Fortnite season 5, the fifth season of the beloved massively multiplayer game, is now available on all platforms. 
Gamers can see the patch notes for Fortnite V5,withtrailers for the battle pass, new skins and cosmetics now available with the new season.
Fortnite season 5 has new vehicles making it possible for up to four people to traverse the map on four wheels. The new additions also include a desert area, Paradise Palms, and Lazy Links. 
As such, the moisty mire section on the map has been rehauled as the desert area, with rivers, racetracks and more. Finally, Anarchy Acres is no more, with Lazy Links taking its place. This new area has golf, and a holiday resort. The crater area on the map has also been rehauled and now houses a plethora of trees. 
The new map has a number of portals now, which allows players to fly up high and fall on other players when they least expect it. The portals change places at every loading of a new match.
For Nintendo Switch, there is another addition, which is gyro control for aiming, which can be switched off. The icon of the game on the Switch hasalso seen a change, showing the new season’s image. 
To recap,  Fortnite Season 5 has brought new changes to the map and gameplay and it manages to make the world feel alive once again. The new season is available on all gaming platforms. 


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