Fortnite Now Available on Switch

At Nintendo’s E3 2018 presentation, Fortnite was revealed to be a new release on Switch. Gamers will be able to play Fortnite both at home and on the move, thanks to the Switch’s portable functions. Since its release on Switch, Fortnite as a third-person shooter has seen two million download already. The rising popularity of the Switch version of the game can be explained with the aforementioned fact that it does not have to be either this or that—a Fortnitesession on the tube can be continued after dinner in the comfort of your own house, which makes this Fornite version somewhat special.

The game has so far been in fierce competition with PUBG, and the competition is still on-going, with H1Z1 entering the fray on the Play Station system. While massively multiplayer third person shooters such as Fortnite have been massively popular among young gamers, this has led to the appearance of many clones on various gaming platforms. 


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