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Death Stranding Plot Is Still a Secret

Death Stranding, the new IP from world acclaimed game creator Hideo Kojima, still keeps baffling gamers and Metal Gear fans, as the date of the upcoming E3 conference is fast approaching.

Kojima has been particularly secretive about the story of the game, but that is to be expected given the track record of Metal Gear games, particularly the last instalment, whose convoluted and intricate plotwas an enigma until it was released and is still being discussed on internet forums. 

So far we know that Mads Mikkelsen and Norman Reedus are prominent characters in the game, with Norman playing the role of the protagonist and Mads being the sinister looking antagonist. Given his fame as Hannibal Lecter, it is no surprise that Mikkelsen is the atypical villain of Death Stranding. Kojima commented in a video interview that we will be Norman Reedus, not just playing his character, hinting at some first person perspective for further immersion, particularly after the character dies and finds himself in finds himself in some kind of ‘limbo’, being able to return to life and continue where he left off in the game.

Given the little knowledge we have been given regarding the game’s plot, fans have been speculating about various possibilities. One particular theory argues that the whole game is Metal Gear 0, some sort of prequel to the Metal Gear franchise. However, this seems to be unlikely, given that Konami still holds all the rights to the franchise, and therefore such a move would mean lawsuits against the game after its launch. Kojima might make clever allusions to the Metal Gear universe, or base some of his characters on Metal Gear ones, but unless Sony buys the rights of Metal Gear series for Kojima’s new IP, the likelihood of Death Stranding being a Metal Gear prequel is dim.


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