Death Stranding Gets New Trailer with Gameplay at E3 2018

Death Stranding, a new IP from gaming genius Hideo Kojima has surprised excited fans with a brand new trailer that showed gameplay for the first time. The trailer, which has shown two new female characters for the first time, tracks Sam Porter Bridges as he travels across a moss coveredlandscape as he climbs mountains and rocky hills. The trailer was accompanied by a new song as moody and atmospheric as the game itself. Although Kojima had reassured fans that Death Stranding was not going to be a horror title, the last trailer ends as Sam is invaded by ghost-like apparitions, the phantom-like enemies that first debuted in the initial trailer of the game.

During the E3 conference, Hideo Kojima explained that the last trailer was inspired by the song, ‘Asylums for the Feeling’. Despite gameplay footage, the game still maintains a level of mystery, which fans are still speculating about, as the footage barely shows a Sam hurtling through a barren land, with no other clues as to his purpose or goal. Since the first trailer, fans have been speculating whether this is a Metal Gear prequel or a tie-in to the cancelled Silent Hill game that was being produced by Kojima. The fact that Konami owns the Metal Gear franchise could not stop the fans from coming up with theories of how this game can be even remotely related to the franchise with its iconic hero Snake. 

Hideo Kojima had previously hinted that the game is coming out some time between 2018 and 2019, saying that the game was to be released before the year the anime Akira was set in. 


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