Crew 2 feels empty like its predecessor

While the new Crew game, a game where you can drive, cruise and fly around the entire map of the United States of America, is apparently chock full of activities to do and events to take part in, this illusion soon falls apart. Because the icons on the map that show various activities lead to some exciting driving action, but the repetition gets the player real quick, and boredom sets in. This was a problem in the first game, and it seems it is still the case in the sequel, despite having more ways to travel across the giant map, with the inclusion of planes and boats. The game world does not feel alive like some other open world games that does driving well (Mafia III comes to mind, although not everyone would agree, as it did not have driving as its main mechanic). The boredom and the sterile map has as a result caused some players to do things other than driving. Since the game is a driving game, this involves cars, namely, decorating cars in garages. Crew 2 has therefore given birth to a car decorating simulation, which, is also nothing new (old NFS titles come to mind).

While the game has loads of cars that look gorgeous, with a photo mode to boot, it is no wonder that players prefer to share the images of their cars rather than discussing their play times. Arguably, Crew II’s cars are more interesting cosmetically, than they are in the driving events, which can get boring pretty quickly.

For this reason, the Crew 2 has a Sim game feel, with more attention paid to car customization than meaningful an rewarding progression and race design. The new ways of traversing a giant map meant some other areas of the game received less attention.


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