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A lost 1990 interview with Japanese animator Miyazaki was found in a VHS tape

Thanks to a Studio Ghibli fan, who found an old VHS tape whose content included an interview with the legendary director, we have been able to learn from a younger Miyazaki about his art. 
Regarding his animation Nausicaa, Miyazaki stated: “I was always thinking about [if Nausicaä and I have the same dreams]. It was something I kept coming back to, and I didn’t know how it would turn out, and so I created a world even I don’t understand entirely.” 
In the interview, the director talks further about Nausicaa, commenting that “I was actually opposed to making this into a movie. The serialization isn’t finished yet. Even I don’t really know how long it will go on…It was difficult to make it a movie. I mean, the story isn’t finished yet. I wanted to show the ending,” he said regarding the anime and the manga associated with it. 
After 20 years, Miyazaki has kept his word. There have been reports of a sequel to Nausicaä which can be directed by a different director at Studio Ghibli. As it is known, Miyazaki gave up on his previous decision to retire, and he is still creating anime for his grandson and his fans.


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