A game developer is hard at work making a new game using MS DOS system

A kickstarter campaign kicked off recently, which saw a game developer proposing to make a new video game on the now rarely used DOS operating system. The DOS system was being used as an operating system for desktops before the Windows operating system was developed by Microsoft. The campaign successfully amassed £85.000 on the Kickstarter website.
David Murray, the developer of the game, has also run into a bit of a problem, as making a game on a system that is no longer in use can be extremely difficult. Talking to gaming website Gamasutra, Murray stated: “You Google [a programming problem], it will pull up some forum that will say ‘here’s how you do that, check this link. You click the link and it’s dead. It’s probably been dead for 10 years.”
His video game project, called Planet X3, will be a direct sequel to Planet X2,  which was a strategy game that was released last year. Murray is aiming to release Planet X3 in May 2019, despite the technical difficulties caused by developing the game on an old operating system. Since the game is being made on DOS, it also looks the part, with old school graphics and low resolution images.


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