VR Arcade planned in York

A new virtual reality arcade is being planned in York, after the success of the London, Manchester, Liverpool and Bradford branches.

The entrepreneurs said that the place will have six booths where customers will be able to choose from 200 virtual reality games. Kate, one of the entrepreneurs, said; “Mike has always wanted to do something like this and wanted to open a gaming cafe. This is a step into the next stage of technology. We are both quite into gaming. But virtual reality technology is still expensive and you need a lot of space. It goes beyond gaming and can be much more of a sociable activity. It’s not just about games and entertainment, there are so many ways to explore and experience new technology.People are really excited about the idea of something like this coming to York.”

 The arcade will also have an area where people can socialize and tournaments will also be held.

Kate, who is starting the arcade with her husband, added: “The technology has only really come about in the last two years. It’s really important for us to make it affordable and accessible. There are not yet many VR arcades in the UK, there are more in north America.You have to instil an element of trust because people can be fully immersed so they need to feel safe and secure. A lot of research also shows people really like talking about their gaming experiences with each other, so we envisage that it will be a sociable place where people can come in with friends and chat.”


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