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Uncharted Fan Film Released

Nathan Fillion appeared in a fan-made film as Nathan Drake and surprised his fans. Nathan’s Fillions amazing performance led to further discussions about possible spin-offs or even a Netflix series. The director of the short movie, Allan Hungar, said to Entertainment Weekly that he had only intented it to be a short fan film, but the 2 million views may make him think otherwise. 

“I actually got a couple emails today, I’m not going to say from who, but there’s definitely people talking about what this could mean as a digital series or something further,” Ungar commented. . “Obviously there’s interest in there, and I think if it makes sense and if it’s done right, I’d be thrilled to have a conversation about it and possibly see this specific story continue.” In the meantime, Sony is making its own Uncharted film with Tom Holland as Drake. If the Fillion version becomes a Netflix series, then it seems there will be serious competition between the two versions


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