The Grand Tour TV programme now coming to multiple platforms

Grand Tour, a TV programming showcasing cars with Jeremy Clarkson, is getting a make over in the form of a video game developed by Amazon Studios. The game will be delivered in episodes much like the TV show, and it will involve races with Jeremy Clarkson and James May’s voice over.

A trailer was released recently of the game that showed clips of the TV show and the upcoming game side by side. The game, titled ‘The Grand Tour Game’, boasts high quality graphics and a close resemblance to the driving seen in the show.

The game will feature a split screen function, a feature that is rarely seen in racing games today, which gives The Grand Tour Game an edge in the racing genre. There is still no news about when the game will be out, but we will see if it lives up to expectations and whether it can compete with the likes of Forza Horizon and Need for Speed series.


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