Supermarket shelves empty

Supermarket shelves were found to be empty in the summer in certain parts of England, eye witnesses said.

Sainsbury spokesperson said:  “There are no current issues with supply. We have thousands of stores selling thousands of different products. Our colleagues work hard to ensure a shelf isn’t left empty for long.” A Co-op spokesperson added: “We aren’t experiencing any particular issues. However, if you provide specific examples, we can look in to it for you.”

Despite these statements, shoppers observed that in some parts of the country, particularly in Birmingham, there were supermarkets that didn’t have their favourite products.

A user on twitter wrote: “We can pretend food stockpiling is all hype and the supply chain is fine, but it snowed for two days this year and our giant Tesco had almost empty shelves for over a week.’

Another Twitter user tweeted: “I was in a Tesco yesterday and said they’ll have to change drastically if they want to survive. Prices are a joke with empty shelves and apology notes on them. Asda not much better.’

An Asda representative responded to a tweet, saying: “Hi Angie, thank you for taking the time to confirm this for us 🙂 I have now logged your feedback with the store manager and one of our supply managers – you should hopefully see some improvement over the next few weeks. Please do let us know if this is not the case.”


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