SEGA releases book with pop-ups

There is a SEGA arcade book with pop-ups around the corner: the book will have the likes of Space Harrier, Hang-on and other classic games’ pop ups with lots of background info on their history and exotic arcade machines. The book is a must for SEGA arcade fans, and a welcome addition to the archives of video game history. The kickstarter campaign, asks for £40.000 for the project’s completion but has almost already reached its goal, with huge backing from fans.

On the Kickstarter campaign page, it reads: “These cabinets remain high water marks for the once-vibrant arcade game scene,” states the Kickstarter campaign, “seductive, gaudy fusions of industrial design and 1980s graphic art.” Read-only Memory is the name behind the kickstarter campaign, with other projects to its name, such as Sega Dreamcast: Collected Works, Britsoft: An Oral History, Sega Mega Drive/Genesis: Collected Works and The Bitmap Brothers: Universe.


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