Sea of Thieves New Expansions Oncoming

Sea of Thieves, the Xbox exclusive multiplayer game about pirates and ships and loot, is receiving three new major expansions. The expansions are called Hungering Deep, Cursed Sails and Forsaken Shores. The expansions will follow a different aspect of gameplay and will bring new content to the equation of sea battles and loot collection. There is still no talk of any releases on other consoles, and the game remains an exclusive to the Microsoft platforms.

The design director of Sea of Thieves also commented on the new expansions, saying: “We’ve always talked about wanting to change perceptions of what multiplayer could be. One way you could look at it is we’ve done the really hard part. And now we’ve got this magical opportunity to make all the areas of the game richer. And beyond The Hungering Deep, Cursed Sails, and Forsaken Shores is coming, there’s going to be three more this year as well.”

The head of Rare Studios, Craig Duncan also added: “We’re trying to make amazing content as quick as we can, but obviously we’re prototyping new mechanics. Megalodon is very different from Forsaken Shores, very different from Cursed Sails. We’ve actually organized the teams in a leapfrog fashion. So now that the Hungering Deep team are finished they’re working on the next thing.”

Duncan also talked about each team working on the game: “Our goal is to try and give each team more runway but keep the cadence quick. We’re actually bringing on a fourth team as well, so we’ve got more people working on Sea of Thieves now than when we shipped. I think the takeaway we want everyone to know is if you’ve got into to Sea of Thieves – we are fully committed to Sea of Thieves in the future.”

Rare Studios has been consistently solving any problems with the game and has been updating the game since its launch.


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