No man’s sky creator Murray gives interview to Guardian

No Man’s Sky creator Sean Murray gave an interview to Guardian, talking about his frustrations and success of his indie game. Murray commented on how he felt about the game when it launched: “No Man’s Sky was what we wanted it to be when it launched,” he maintains. “We always talked about the feeling of landing on a planet that no one had been on before … It was lonely. It had nice calm ambient moments in it. But we always wanted to expand it. If you played [the original game] for 20 hours, you probably got the experience that we wanted. But you probably would have never picked up No Man’s Sky again.”

Murray also defended the game, arguing that they did their best: “I’m super proud of the guys for doing that. There was a lot we got right. They made a cool, innovative, weird, ambitious game, something interesting and different in an industry where that doesn’t happen very much. They delivered on something no one else had done before. It’s a game that doesn’t really have classic compulsion loops or anything like that. It’s relaxing, therapeutic, meditative. It’s a chill game. You don’t hear people say they’re addicted to No Man’s Sky. But people do play it for a long time.”

Murray said that at the end of the day, he was proud of his game and keeps adding stuff to it for people who love the game: “That’s what you make games for. You’re stood there, and there is admittedly an angry mob in front of you, but behind that there’s a crowd of others. I just want to communicate with them directly. I want to make things for them.”


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