New Doom Game has Exciting New Features

Doom Eternal is the new addition to the Doom franchise, which has the player character engage in battles with demons in hellish environments. This time players will be able to fight ghouls on Mars, or on a spaceship, reminiscent of the original Duke Nukem. The gameplay has the similar looks and feel, which sees the player taking down enemy after enemy with the help of a range of guns or through brutal melee combat.

When Doom was brought back to life in 2016, it tried to replicate the thrill of the original Doom, and it was largely successful, with the fanbase condoning the new graphics and the fidelity to the original game. The new game, Doom Eternal will also feature invasions by other players to keep the action going, although this feature can be turned off. A demo will be made available soon for gamers to try out the new features, however, fans will still have to wait for the announcement of a release date.


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