Moss Side Shooting

haven’t suffered life-threatening injuries.’ Gunshots were fired during a street party at Moss Side, resulting in injuries. Children were injured, with a man sustaining heavy injuries.

Ch Supt Wasim Chaudhry of Greater Manchester Police said: ‘Discharging a firearm… in as large a crowd as this is completely reckless. I think it is more by luck than by anything else that people

The attack happened during the Caribbean Carnibal, which has been going on since 1972.

Councillor  Pat Karney also commented on the incident, saying: “You can’t tar a whole community because of some idiotic behaviour. I think the fact that over 16,000 people came out to the carnival yesterday indicates the strength of the community here and their desire to celebrate their area.”

Greater Manchester deputy mayor Beverley Hughes held that the carnival is an important aspect of the community: ‘I think the carnival, as well as being two days of intense enjoyment for the community, is a really important statement about where that community has come and so I think for it to be abandoned would be a very unfortunate message.’


Sun 12 Aug 2018

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