Greece wildfires take lives

Approximately 82 people died as a result of the wildfires that blazed near Athens. Among the deceased there is an Irish man on honeymoon, among several holiday makers from and outside Greece.

Furthermore, more than 200 people got injured during the wildfires. Greek Prime Minister Tsipras called the disaster a ‘national tragedy’. 26 people were found huddled on the beach, who died as a result of the disaster. There were burnt houses and scorched trees in the villages affected by the wildfire.

One of the locals described the plight of the people caught unprepared in the face of the disaster: “We took our cars and went down to the sea and got into the sea to escape, but there were people who did not make it. We got into the water and stayed there for about five hours until the boats came to pick us up. We were at the beach with about 250, 300 people. Some were burned, some were near fainting from the smoke and the flames. Groups of us, we were holding each other by the hand and shouting each other’s names, because we could not see from the smoke.”

The Greek flag was brought down to half mast to mourn the deceased who died during the tragic disaster.


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