Grandma took overdose

A grandmother living in Oxford had to take an overdose to get medical attention.

After being denied treatment by the ambulance workers who arrived after her phone call, they couldn’t identify her symptoms and asked her to not call 999 again.

It was later found out that the elderly woman had two bleeds in her brain, only found out after she took an overdose and was taken to hospital with her daughter’s help.

The daughter spoke out about her horrible treatment by the paramedics, and said:  “She was in a terrible state. She had to crawl along the floor to unlatch the door ready for when the paramedics came. But when they came he just told her not to call 111 or 999 again. I was on the phone and I said what about if she has a heart attack? He just replied still do not call 999. I was so angry I couldn’t believe what he was saying.”

She added, entertaining the question of what would happen if other people are rejected treatment in such cases: “It just makes me angry to think the paramedics can do that. If I wasn’t around she wouldn’t be here now. What happens to other people who don’t have some to fight their corner?”

 So far, the bosses of the ambulance service have apologized, and an NHS spokesperson said: ‘As a result of this investigation, disciplinary action was undertaken along with identifying additional training and supervision for the individual staff member involved.’


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