Gold nugget found in Scotland river

A big gold nugget was discovered in a Scottish river that weighs 85 grams. The nugget is thought to be approximately worth £50.000. The nugget, although found 2 years ago, has been kept a secret until recently.

Leon Kirk, a gold expert, held, ‘This is a very exciting and unprecedented find. But the nugget’s rarity means it is very hard to put a price on it. I would say it is worth at least £50,000 but, as it’s rarer than an Aston Martin or a Faberge egg, a billionaire could easily come along and pay a lot more for it. Historically, it is off the Richter scale.”

The man who found the nugget had this to say: “I took off my glove and picked it up, jumped out of the water and screamed ‘bingo!’ to my friend. We were both stunned and couldn’t believe it. I’ve never seen anything like it in my lifetime.”

The man who is in this 40s has said that he found the gold nugget while ‘sniping’, a special technique used by gold hunters which involves lying on the river bed with special clothes and a snorkel.


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