Dragon Ball FighterZ producer gave interview on the series’ popularity

The PS4 game that took the gaming world by surprise by returning back to the fighting genre’s days of glory by sticking to a traditional art style, has not lost its popularity since the day it was launched. Unlike previous DBF games, the new edition is closer to the first, 2D entries in the franchise in appearance and execution. Eurogamer conducted an interview with series producer Tomoko Hiroki from Bandai Namco, discussing these new changes and explaining the series’ popularity.

When asked whether the success of the latest game surprised him, Hiroki said: ‘To be completely honest, it was a great surprise for us that we were able to achieve 2.5m units for this title, especially because this game was a completely new franchise. But, our main objective for this title was not to achieve a certain amount of units, it was to work with Arc System Works to create a genuine fighting game based on Dragon Ball’

Regarding the most challenging aspect of making the new game, Hiroki commented that it was managing to find the right appearance and graphics for the game. He said, ‘ The greatest challenge was to get the graphics right, so the graphics were attractive but at the same time visually readable, so it could complement the fighting game mechanics through player registration. he foundation was already built with the Guilty Gear franchise, so we had an idea of how to achieve the anime style look prior to the project. Customising that to match the visual style Dragon Ball has was a challenge for us. Getting the character models right and then animating them in the right way was also a big challenge. But most of all, it was done through very talented animators and modellers that put quite a lot of time into making each character.’


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