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Doctor Who New Series will feature three companions

The new series of Doctor Who this autumn will feature three companions. Showrunner Chibnall said: “I love Doctor Who as a big, popular, mainstream, accessible show,” Chibnall said. “So I wanted to make sure that every member of the audience felt they had a relatable character, an access point. Hopefully it means that the show can resonate with the broadest possible audience. And of course, three companions with the Doctor… we’re really going back to 1963 – that’s the format of the show! You’re not changing the format, that’s how it started, really – which I only realised afterwards.” 

The new companions are Yaz, Graham and Ryan. While Yaz and Ryan are 19, Graham will represent an older generation. The new companions are also quite diverse: they have an Asian actress and a Black actor. The showrunner also added that the characters will complement each other: “They each have a very individual voice, where I think certain people will be able to instantly relate to Bradley Walsh’s character, instantly relate to Tosin’s… and hopefully just love us all!”


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