Devil May Cry Coming in 2019

The new entry in the Devil May Cry series, DMC 5 is coming out in March 2019, and a new trailer demonstrates the capabilities of the new game, with flashy graphics and new combos from Dante, the famous demon slayer of the series. The series are produced by Capcom and follows Dante as he combats demon infestations and supernatural forces. Although they have the same name, DMC’s Dante has no resemblance to Dante Alighieri, the author of Divine Comedy, although the themes and environments of the DMC games have a striking resemblance to the Inferno section of Dante’s famous work.

The game does not change the combo system of the previous games, where the player chains combos from different fighting styles to decimate the demonic enemies that the game throws at them. The trailer also showed a now old and wiser looking Dante, hinting at its plot which may explore Dante in his later years. The game benefits from the power of current gen consoles and will no doubt look marvellous on high end PCs as well.


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