Artist using GTAV for art project on gun violence

A professor and artist, Joseph DeLappe uses GTAV to attract attention to gun violence in the US. He does this by creating art out of the game, producing images of people lying in the streets after apparently being shot dead. The aim is to show victims of gun violence in a different way than they were represented before, using a virtual form. The images look like the game, but with one difference: they don’t show a glorified player character shooting people as if it’s an everyday thing; rather, they show only the aftermath, dozens of dead people, cold, lying on the beach or elsewhere, with no on-lookers. The streets and the beach look lifeless, dead quiet, an apparently intended effect to convey the horror of gun violence.

Professor DeLappe is not doing this for the first time, as he had used computer games to make are before. He used Quake 3 Arena and America’s Army, two famous computer games, to place emphasis on the casualties of war during the invasion of Iraq in the latter case.

The latest project is named Elegy: GTA USA Gun Homicides was made using GTAV’s PC version, with a mod added to create a more unique atmosphere suited to the art project. The project will appear on Twitch for a limited time, till night time on 4th July, 2018.


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