An RTS titled Re-Legion about Cults

A real time strategy title is in the works and it seems to be quite different from traditional RTS games such as Red Alert. In Re-Legion (an intended pun on ‘religion’), the players will be controlling a cult leader who gathers followers while his cult grows in size. While the game’s mechanics will be similar to other real time strategy games, the theme will be breath of fresh air for players who were tired of the much used RTS tropes that involves tanks and world wars.

In Re-legion, the player takes control of Elion, the leader of the cult, who starts as a charismatic leader and rises in the ranks. The game has a cyberpunk theme which resembles Dishonored, and similar to other RTS games, its UI consists of commands to give your followers. Re-legion is expected to come out in Q3 2018.        


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