‘Amazing Dragon’ discovered in China

A new dinosaur fossil was discovered in China that has changed how we view dinosaurs. The new dinosaur, named ‘Amazing Dragon’ by Chinese scientists, caused dinosaur experts to rethink the evolution of dinosaurs. The discovery is significant because it has proven that the giant sauropods lived 15 million years before the estimated timeline of the scientists.

Paul Upchurch, a paleontologist from University College London stated: “Previously, we thought all of these advanced sauropods originated around 160 million years ago and rapidly diversified and spread across the planet in a time window perhaps as short as 5 million years. However, the discovery of Lingwulong means that this hypothesis is incorrect and we now have to work with the idea that, actually, this group and its major constituent lineages originated somewhat earlier and more gradually.’

The ‘Amazing dragon’ lived in lush environments with warm weather, and grazed on plants. They lived in herd at a time when East Asia was not separated from other landmasses.


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