A nurse went blind after parasite gets in her eye

A nurse in the UK became blind in one eye after a parasite ate her cornea as she wore her contact lenses while taking a shower.

The young nurse started to feel pain in her eye and left the shower immediately and tried to treat her eye. In the evening when the pain got worse, her husband, a taxi driver, called an ambulance. Suzanne Dunne, a Dubliner, says she felt the parasite was searing her eye like a ‘hot knife’, and as a result she had to be hospitalized for two weeks. Every day her eye was treated with bleach to clean the infection.

Talking to Dublin Live, Dunne said; ‘My sight was gone, completely gone. The whole place was black. My eye was being pushed out by the parasite. And I was so upset because the kids Mia, 5, and Max, 8,  had woke up and seen me go off in the ambulance.’

The mother of two, also added, ‘it can only happen a contact lens wearer because the contact lens creates a vacuum in the eye. So if anything goes in behind it it makes it cling onto it. In warm conditions and because we haven’t had heat like this the parasite multiplies and it’s rampant. Even though the parasite is dead the damage is done.’ 


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