CHP (Republican People’s Party) MP Boke: ‘the current system feeds into consumerism and amassing debt’

Republican People’s Party (CHP) İzmir MP Selin Sayek Böke talked on the current economic crisis in Turkey at a party convention in Izmir.

Boke provided examples as regards to the crisis, holding that the ‘minimum wage is 1.603 liras, while the hunger limit is 1.919.

Nappy prices this year saw a rise from 30 liras to 63 liras. Price of chicken meat increased by %200.

Notwitstanding discounts, there is a serious price rise in gas and electricity. There is a crisis that is ongoing.

 As a result of this, we see the shrinking of industrial production, cutbacks on salaries, a slowdown in economic growth and high inflation rates.’

Boke held that those responsible for the crisis are the ‘Palace and profiteering capital owners’.

Boke also argued that ‘we must  establish a system in which the public receives the necessary care and support, where there is a fair distribution of resources, in place of the current system that supports consumerism and going into debt.’

Finally, making further comments regarding the current economic slowdown, Boke stated that Turkey is having a serious crisis in each and every field, including economics.

Boke said, ‘the economy is where the crisis is most intense. Having said that, democracy, rule of law and the environment are all experiencing a serious crisis.

‘All of these are tied to the economy, and as a result of this, they also have an impact on the economic problems,’ Boke argued.

‘The government established a general feeling and perception that there is no crisis, and by doing so attempts to hide the reality on the field. Our duty is to voice the difficulties the public is experiencing. Thus, we must insist on talking about the current crisis,’ she added.


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